COVID-19 and EU official controls

Regulation 2020-466 on temporary measures for EU Member States’ control systems

The ongoing crisis related to coronavirus disease (COVID-19) represents an exceptional and unprecedented challenge for the capacity of Member States to fully conduct official controls and other official activities in accordance with EU legislation.

A number of Member States have informed the Commission that, as a consequence of  movement restrictions, their capacity to deploy suitable staff for official controls is seriously impacted.

A number of Member States have also informed the Commission specifically of difficulties to perform official control and other official activities which require the physical presence of control staff. In particular, difficulties arise regarding the clinical examination of animals, certain checks on products of animal origin, plants and plant products and on food and feed of non-animal origin, and regarding the testing of samples in official laboratories designated by Member States.

So, according to  Regulation 2020-466:

  • Official controls may exceptionally be performed by natural persons specifically authorized by the competent authority.
  • Official activities on official certificates and official attestations may exceptionally be performed by way of an official control performed on an electronic copy of the original of such certificates or attestations.
  • Official analyses, testing or diagnoses to be performed by official laboratories, may exceptionally be performed by any laboratory designated for this purpose by the competent authority on a temporary basis.

Regulation 2020-466 will apply for 2 months.

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