The new rules for organic production are here!

Under the new Regulation 2020-464, important requirements of infrastructure and everyday practice in organic production for all species of animals, including fish farms, are defined.

The new requirements may imply tangible works and investments like rebuilding of animals’ premises and land acquisitions, or a complete refurbishment of animals’ premises for certain holdings or production units that have been producing until now in compliance with existing legal frame. Hence, a transitional period of maximum 8 years from 1 January 2021 is provided for in respect of these holdings or production units in order to permit them to carry out the necessary adaptations to comply with the new requirements.

Stocking densities, minimum surfaces for indoor and outdoor areas and their characteristics, as well as technical requirements and characteristics for buildings and open-air areas for bovine animals, ovine animals, caprine animals, equine animals, cervine animals, porcine animals, poultry and rabbits are laid down. Additionally, for suckling animals the minimum periods to be complied with for feeding preferably with maternal milk are also laid down.

In addition, the recognition and documentation of “adaptation period” for all means in use is described.

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