VetNote Registry

VetNote Registry keeps track of regulations and decisions that relate to approvals, such as products of origin designations, feed additives and drugs, novel foods, biocides , etc.  The new approvals appear on monthly VetNote Alerts in both LITE licence and PRO licence. This is an excellent tool to stay informed on this field of interest.

So, VetNote Registry hosts entries for:

  • Protected Designation of Origin Products
  • Protected Geographical Indication Products
  • Traditional Genuine Guaranteed Products
  • Animal Feed approvals
  • Veterinary Drugs
  • biocides approval
  • Genetically Modified Microorganisms approvals
  • Health Claims approvals
  • New Foods and Ingredients approvals

Every legislation that has a form of approval (or disapproval :)) is listed with its essential info in the VetNote Registry.  This is a smart way to deal with all legislation of approvals.  Full body of every single approval legislation is -as always- 1-click away!

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