Authorities: Competent authorities, official controls and audits, coordination action plans, food hygiene “package” and much more.

Food Standards: Everything related to microbiological and chemical criteria, food additives, labelling, packaging material specs, organic product specs and much more.

Trade Controls: Legislation about the organization and official controls of food transport between EU and third countries and within the EU.

By-Products: The challenging and important segment of by-products management related to the food industry.

Laboratory: Food laboratory specifics, official EU laboratories, recognized laboratory practices and much more.

Meat: Meat specific legislation from slaughter house classification to meat market trade standards.

Fish: Fish market standards and more.

Milk: Milk and milk products market standards and more.

Eggs: Egg market standards and some elements from primary production (the rest lie in the livestock section).

Honey: Not so populated section, but still honey market standards here!

Non animal food: The section for food of non-animal origin.

Vet Generic: Generic stuff, that wouldn’t fit in the other sections!