We finally made it to the web!

After several years of following the EU veterinary legislation in order to be competent with our food safety consultancy effort, we are finally ready to offer this subscription platform to professionals that share the same need and passion with us!

The platform is easy to use, and the subscriber enjoys monthly notifications on new and changing legislation of EU food and livestock legislation. In addition, we could not leave outside the classic vet surgeon and we include notifications for our colleague vet practitioners’ field of work as well!

VetNote notifications are designed to offer quick information on changing and new legislation. That means that the subscriber has a vetnote every month and from there he can continue his further reading.  10 minutes every month is enough to be informed and aware of changes that influence the food and primary production industry.

Get the VetNote Single User or Multi-User subscription and enjoy being informed on EU legislation on your favorite topics!

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